Next da Vinci? Math whiz uses formulas to create fantastical works of art


If (cos(6k/2000)-i cos(12k/2000))e^(3i/4) means nothing to you, then you’re probably like the rest of us. Normal.
    The last time “cos” resonated with you, was during high school math– when it meant “cosine,” a trigonometric function…of some sort.
    But to 25-year-old Iranian student Hamid Naderi Yeganeh, using cosines are a part of daily life — what you would expect of a mathematics major and award-winning mathlete.



      Math genius and artist: Is this the next da Vinci?


    Explorations have led to new animations
    Yeganeh’s work with circles and line segments is expanding to include animations. Beyond that, he’s beginning to think in 3-D, creating sculptures made of fractals.
    “The power of mathematics is unlimited. There’s an infinite number of great artworks that we can create,” he says.

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